1. Present your music to different distributors: proceed to discover a few shows that include your style of music on iTunes and contact the substance makers. Inquire as to whether they’d be keen on highlighting your music.

2. Start your own show: start your own digital broadcast. Play melody sections off of your collection. Offer sneak-tops into new ventures. Play acoustic adaptations of electric tracks. Commentate over your whole collection. Offer features from your live show.

3. Offer stories: stories are amazing. In the event that you have any peculiar, one of a kind, fun, or appalling stories to tell (which you presumably do), share them on your show.

4. Get recorded in iTunes: digital broadcasts are commonly disseminated by and downloaded by means of the iTunes store. Try to do all that you can to get recorded in iTunes. It’s not hard as long as your feed is set up effectively.

5. Join the Blubrry Podcast Community: Blubrry will monitor your download details. You can likewise discover paid open doors like sponsorships and associates inside the network.

6. Transfer your shows to SoundCloud: in the event that you need to convey you substance to places other than iTunes, transferring your shows to sound sharing locales like soundcloud bot may demonstrate advantageous.

7. Transfer your shows to YouTube: notwithstanding sound sharing locales, you could likewise transfer your shows to video sharing destinations. You don’t really require video film; you can utilize arbitrary pictures from your hard drive or simply your digital recording fine art.

8. Request email input: make a committed email address for your digital broadcast and request that your audience members send you their inquiries, remarks and proposals.

9. Request voice criticism: use a device like SpeakPipe to gather sound messages from your audience members. Use them on your show. 10. Notice explicit audience members on your show: this may be an additional impetus for the individuals who submit voice criticism. In any case, individuals love acknowledgment.