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Gay Tagalog Jokes

Do you have a gay friends? It’s really enjoy to have a gay friends ya? They can make you happy even if your sad. They are very talented. They are great in comedy. They can make you laugh. They can make you forget your problems. They have many "kalokohan". They are the one who give color to the world. And Yeah! They are the best friends ever. You may try to read jokes from the best Gay comedianne in the Philippines: Vice Ganda Jokes.

Others dont respect gays or people who belong in third sex. But we should, we should respect them. Because they are human, they are created by God. They are still human that needs respect.

Today! Forget about love just for today, because I will not post about Filipino Love Quotes today. This time, I’ve collected some Gay Tagalog Jokes I had really fun reading them. It made me laugh even until now. Yeah! Am still laughing while writing this article, lol. Read these Gay Tagalog Jokes and laugh! By that, you can forget your problems just like me. These Tagalog Jokes are not mine, all right belong to all who made these Tagalog Jokes from Gays.

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Share this if you find it funny. Here they are. Hope you like ‘em.

Host: “What can you say about the women of tomorrow?”
Gay beauty contestant: “The women of tomorrow…are the men of today!”

ANAK : Dad im 15 na pwede naba akung mag bra?
DAD : Hinde!!
ANAK : But dad all of my friends are wearing bra na!
DAD : Tumigil ka nga DIEGO!

Gay guy wearing a mini-skirt: “Di baleng makita ang legs, wag lang ang eggs.”

ANAK: Nay! May mens ako. Dalaga na ako.
NANAY: Tumigil ka nga bata ka.
ANAK: Nay! May dugo na oh.
TATAY: Tumigil ka diyan Arnold. Gusto mo putulin ko balls mo?

Host: “Of your body parts, which is your favorite?”
Gay beauty contestant: “My neck. Because my neck holds my head, which will hold the crown later tonight. Thank you.”

Sa miss gay pageant Question and Answer portion:
Host: How can we uplift our economy today, given we are experiencing an economic crisis?
Bakla: (namutla) Mga bakla! Akala ko ba miss gay ito? Quizbee pala!

Gay Rule: “Biruin mo na ang lasing na bagong gising, wag lang ang bading na naagawan ng booking!”

15 June 2013
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