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Tagalog Love Quotes for Singles

Hello readers! Are you single and still waiting for the right one? Nah! Me too, just kidding. Haha! Anyway, if you are one of the single out there, then, these Tagalog Love Quotes for Singles are for you and to share with to your single friends too.

For me, being single doesn’t mean we are always sad/lonely but sometimes being single is happy, are you agree? Yeah! Beacause you can do whatever you want. You are free! Less problem. You have the freedom to do anything, go anywhere and eat anything. Haha! So don’t worry if you are single, instead, enjoy and be happy.

These Tagalog Love Quotes for Singles are collected over the internet and some of these are forwarded by my friends. I am not claiming any rights here, all rights belong to all the owner of these quotes. Please share this article or this blog by clicking the Facebook and Twitter Share button. Thanks and hope you like them. So here they are..

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Ang pagiging SINGLE ay hindi ibig sabhin na walang nagkakagusto sayo…. busy kasi si GOD sa pagsusulat ng LOVE STORY mo…

Mas ok na ang “Single” at inspirado kesa sa “In a Relationship” pero di naman sigurado.

I’m single because I don’t pray for love. I’m single because I don’t play with love. — Mabuhay kayong mga single. :)

Dear Lovelife , Tagal ahh ! traffic ?!

Hindi lahat ng taken ay masaya. At hindi lahat ng single eh nagluluksa.

Mas masaya ang SINGLE. Kesa sa taken. May relationship ka nga ang tanong MASAYA KABA?

Buti pa kaming mga SINGLE, walang lihim sa mga magulang.

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