When it comes to tile designs, they can pretty much make or break a bathroom floor. What this means is that they can essentially determine whether your bathroom is going to be your favourite spot in the house or just plain boring. But with the plethora of tile designs available in the market, and even more online it’s easy to get overwhelmed, where you just end up picking something “safe” or in other words, basic. If you want to buy g residence kl property or buy property seni mont kiara kuala lumpur, then you definitely need to make sure you pick the right tiles!

But fear not, for we have come up with a system where you can narrow down your options, and then ultimately decide which tile designs are the perfect fit for your bathroom. Here are a few things to consider when looking at your tile options:

Consider Your Show-Piece First

Scan your bathroom and consider its focal point. Think about which area of your bathroom stands out the most; this could be the bathtub, vanity mirror or even your sink. Choose your main tile design keeping this in mind and try to accentuate this area first. The rest of the tiles can then be chosen to complement the aesthetic of your first choice such as in contrasting colours, or following the same colour scheme. For example if you pick apple green as your first choice, stick to others in the same pastel range or neutral to make the first one stand out.

Trust Your Gut Feeling

When it comes to your must-have design, learn to trust your gut feeling. Of course you should keep several factors in mind such as the size of your bathroom, the colour of your walls etc as certain designs can make small bathrooms look even more congested. However, you should still go with a design or colour that immediately draws you or attracts your design.

Perhaps you are into patterns, striking colours, or even a unique shape. Your main tile can be used on the wall and used to determine the accent tiles whose purpose is just to make your featured tile stand out more. For interesting bathrooms you can even check out places such as pantai hillpark for rent, property for rent seni mont kiara kl and g residence kuala lumpur property for rent which feature some truly great designs.

Go Minimal

Do not choose more than three different tile designs overall as they may make your bathroom appear too overpowered, and drown out its initial stand out features. Stick to your featured tile design as the point of focus, and choose more subtle or neutral colours for your accent tiles.

For example if you opt for a bold pattern for your main tile, then stick to white or simple colours to accentuate your main pattern. However, this does not mean that you can get creative! You can always arrange your tiles in different ways, and even add some texture in order to create a truly unique look. The same applies for your floor tiles as well. These are merely complementary tiles, however if you have opted for the minimal effect on your walls then you should consider going bolder for your floor designs.