You will require:

Tire Iron


Movable wrench or Allen wrench

Bungee rope

Your Nash metropolitan brakes are the most significant security highlight of your vehicle. It is significant that you care for them. Destroyed brake cushions are perilous and modest brake cushions erode quickly and leave a dark powder on your plate brakes. On the off chance that your brake cushions are worn or helpless it may be a smart thought to transform them.

1) Remove the main wheel of your vehicle. You should lift the vehicle to do this.

2) It is likely that you should eliminate the brake calliper before you can proceed. Eliminate the calliper; this will most likely have two darts on it holding it set up. Eliminate them and put them in a safe spot.

3) Ease the calliper off the plate and put it in a safe spot. Take care that the calliper doesn’t swing from by the brake line anytime or you hazard harming it and your brakes.

4) Look at the brake cushions and note how they are joined. Supplant the cushions with the new ones. Supplant any clasps that were holding the old cushions in.

5) Inside the calliper there is a cylinder that moves outwards after some time so the brake cushions are as yet squeezed against the circle brakes when they wear out, as the old cushions were worn out it is improbable that the calliper will fit over the new brake cushions. You can push the cylinder back by putting a C-cinch over the cylinder and fixing it until the cylinder has been moved back adequately.

6) Slide the calliper once again into position; it should fit cosily. Supplant the jolts from the calliper. Siphon the brakes two or three time with the goal that the cylinder moves into position. (Try not to get into the vehicle when it is still raised)

7) Replace the tire and lower the vehicle.

This article is just a clarification. It is suggested that you don’t supplant brake cushions yourself and utilize an expert all things considered. Any devices needed for this errand can be purchased from They give a wide assortment of devices and gear.